5 Great Places to Get a Western-style Breakfast in Ulaanbaatar.

I have been living in Mongolia for a while now and a common question that comes up is where can I get a good breakfast or even a western-style breakfast?

There are several great places you can get a good hearty breakfast in the coldest capital in the world either a traditional Mongolian breakfast or a western style.

Millie’s Espresso

Located really close to Shangarlia Mall and opposite Choijin Lama Museum, Millies Espresso is a great classic restaurant if you are really craving that western-style breakfast. Millie’s gives you the feeling of a classic American diner, a real feeling of nostalgia. A lot of ex-pats know Millies that has been around for decades and you won’t be surprised to see other foreigners here.

Millies Expresso has a great breakfast menu, from bacon and eggs, pancakes or an entire English Breakfast. What also separates Millies from others on this list is that they make their own baking, including a wicked awesome lemon tart, honestly, it’s probably the best in the entire country!

For their price, they give you a reasonable portion, although others on this list will give you more for the same price. If you are looking for that classic simple western breakfast done right, then Millies will have a menu for you that will leave you feeling relieved to see options that you know all too well.

Wall Street Restaurant

Wall Street Restaurant is located at the back of Blue Sky hotel, opposite Sukhbaatar Square. It is a wide-open restaurant, with a really comfy atmosphere. Wall Street also has a nice upstairs mezzanine floor to socialize with others over their breakfast.

While they don’t have as many options as others on this list, they offer a strong western-style breakfast from your simple french toast to one of the best full English breakfasts or your standard waffles and pancakes. They also offer really good orange juice, although you will pay a premium for it.

Overall the price is really good for what you are getting, which is a decent portion size. The service was really good here and when we had any issues, the staff were quick to fix the problem.

The down sider to Wall Street is that they don’t do breakfast on weekends so you will only be able to try this one on weekdays.

Early Street

Early Street isn’t actually a single restaurant, it is exactly what it says it is; a street that is early. Early street is known as the street that wakes up the earliest and where you can get a great breakfast at 6:30 am and the great thing here is that you can actually choose from a variety of restaurants. A good choice we recommend is Route 22 which will do a wide variety of breakfast options, however, from our experience they make really fluffy pancakes with an unusual cold cream topping which gives it a delicious flavour.

Food is reasonably priced here for the portion you are given but don’t expect it to be an American-sized meal. Because of Early Street’s popularity, you may find wait times for your food to be a little longer so if you are planning on going here, perhaps try earlier in the week. Lastly don’t get up early on a Sunday to come here, you will be disappointed.

Papa Cafe

Papa Cafe breakfast
Papa Cafe offers a wide range of western-style breakfast options. Their pancakes are really good with the jam they offer.

This is a little down our list however, it’s an oldie but a goodie! Papa cafe, located opposite the Kenpenski Hotel has a really good family atmosphere for you to enjoy. Not too busy in the mornings, you can find yourself a good quality breakfast here, especially a breakfast Burrito. Their service is friendly so you should never have any issues. You won’t be surprised to find Mongolians and foreigners alike coming here for meetings and to socialise. They also do a great range of other offerings, including their own baked goods and even smoothies (kiwi flavour is the best).

The downside here is, that you won’t be able to have breakfast here on Sundays. Papa is closed in the mornings so you will have to look elsewhere for a good breakfast. Their price to portion size also isn’t as good as others on this list but still not bad.

Doubleshot Restaurants:

Doubleshot is the last place on our list and is a decent place you can find an English Breakfast, including an American breakfast or an energy breakfast which is a breakfast sandwich but it sounds really catchy! Depending on your location, there are several Doubleshot restaurants that you can choose from in the city which are comfortable and modern.

However, compared to others on this list their breakfast menu is a lot more limited and depending on the restaurant location they may not open until 10 AM, a little late for some wanting to get an early breakfast hit, but okay if you’re not in a hurry and like a late breakfast. Apart from those two downsides, the menu they offer is really well priced, much better than what others on this list offer and their portion sizes are no worse than any other mentioned.

Those are 5 great places to get a western breakfast in Ulaanbaatar. There are other places of course and we would love you to tell us about them in the comments below if you think we have missed a place you think is amazing.

Enjoy Mongolian living everyone!


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