Top 5 Places To Find Mongolian Flashcards Free!

There are several great places to find Mongolian flashcards!

If you are wanting to learn Mongolian and take the plunge into an amazing language then you will probably want to know about several different options to learn Mongolian. when learning a language there are many different ways we can learn, and many different resources which we can use. If you would like to know some super resources which that can possibly help you learn Mongolian then check out our top five resources to learn Mongolian blog.

However, one way that people really like to learn that is effective is with flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to learn a language and they’re super easy to use and great for memorization and repetitive learning. If you love learning with flashcards keep reading below!

There are many kinds of different flashcards but for Mongolian, there are several places you can find flashcards. Some of these are online and some you can download and use just by attaching them to the. If you are planning to learn Mongolian then you should check out these places to find Mongolian flashcards. Here are the top 5 best places to find Mongolian flashcards so keep reading if you want to know where.

Number 1:

This might not be your first place to look but regardless of whether you are a kid or not this is a great place to find some free Mongolian flashcards. They have a range of different topics to use with good pictures included with the flashcards and of course, the Mongolian word attached. You will be able to find flashcards for topics like animals family, food and social activities.

These flashcards are downloadable to use however, a downside with them is that they don’t come with audio and the flash card only shows the Mongolian word in Mongolian not how it is spoken with English characters. So if you are new to Mongolian you might struggle to be able to read these flashcards and it would be really helpful to be able to have audio to listen to for pronunciation practice. That being said, this is a good place to start if you’re looking for simple Mongolian flashcards to practice and familiarize yourself with.

Number 2: Quizlet

Quizlet is another simple place to find flashcards that you can use for free. Quizlet can offer a great range of different topics to choose from for Mongolian and the awesome thing about using Quizlet is that these are made by many Mongolian themselves so you know what you are getting is going to be accurate. Quizlets cards offered for Mongolian range from some having pictures and some not having pictures.

If you want to learn simply with flashcards this might be a great place to find a great deal of flashcards with a lot of different words and topics to choose from. However, Quizlets flashcards don’t always come with images or with audio at least that isn’t reliable. If you are a visual person or an auditory learner then this possibly isn’t the best option for you but if you like reading and swiping through different words then maybe this is a good option for you. With Quizlet you can also of course quiz yourself and mix and match which is a great option to have if you’re learning on the go.  If you’re that impressed with them you can even share them with your friends or others you know learning Mongolian.

Number 3: Brainscape Mongolian Flashcards

Ok this next one we think is pretty cool. Brainscape solely focuses on flashcards but they don’t do it in the traditional sense. If you have run into Brainscape before then you know that they use adaptive flashcards with spaced repetition learning. It allows you to focus on areas, words or topics that you are struggling with and not go through things you already know.

Several users have created Mongolian flashcards here that you can use to help you learn Mongolian and you can do it on a week-by-week basis which is really awesome to help you see how you improve over time. When you start learning with Mongolian flashcards with Brainscape they can take you through a scale where you can effectively see how well you did in learning or knowing that word and then they can process that to see what you need to improve upon it. However, while Brainscape has a really awesome repetition and space learning system you can’t guarantee that the Mongolian flashcards are going to have images or audio attached because individual learners have created them.

Flashcards can come in all different shapes and sizes that fit different learners.

At Goldigobi We think it is very important that flashcards have audio and images to help all types of learners but not only that, audio is important for pronunciation and listening practice. Because Mongolian isn’t a language that most people will learn and is in one of the more uncommon languages it can be tough to find audio and images connected to flashcards. But if you like learning with repetition over time to focus on your weaknesses Brainscape might be a great option for you.

Number 4: Nomin Ger

Nomin Ger offers a wide range of free flashcards easily accessible to use. They are well known in the Mongolian language community for offering different resources that learners can use and flashcards are no exception. They offer a range of different topics that you can use that have colourful images and more importantly words in Mongolian with the phrase spelt in English. This is really important especially if you don’t have accompanying audio because you can sound out the Mongolian word to hear what it sounds like pronounced in English. Although, at times this can be a little bit weird as often when words are translated by their sound in English they don’t really look like a word we would use but it is still very helpful.

These flashcards can be downloaded but there is a limited number of them and they don’t offer as wide a range of flashcards for users to use as other providers and the flashcards are generally for simple subjects not for a wider range of more in-depth topics. They also of course don’t have audio with the flashcards which can be downloaded and cut out. However, they do have a simple YouTube video which you could follow along for their adjective flashcards. That does mean you can have audio with their flashcards that you can listen to as you learn but really for convenience, it can be annoying as you want to have the flashcard and then just click the button to hear it with the flashcard itself. That can be a little frustrating but apart from that it is a good experience and if you don’t mind that, this is a great place to start with flashcards.

Number 5: Goldigobi’s Flashcard Sets

Mongolian Flashcards

Goldigobi is new on the block when it comes to Mongolian but offers a massive amount of flashcards and we would challenge anyone to tell us where they can find more flashcards available for free that come with images and audio that are also mobile-friendly. Goldigobi’s flashcards are a little bit different from the other flashcards on this list.

These flashcards come with a huge range of topics from animals, food, people, jobs, sports, adjectives even different places. And Goldigobi doesn’t just stop there, it is actively adding more flashcards. They even give you the opportunity if you can’t find something you’re looking for that you can ask for those flashcards and they will get right to it making them. So why not challenge them and ask for some flashcards?

Their flashcards come in two versions; you have normal flashcards and repetitive flashcards where if you are struggling with certain words you will repeat certain words again if you get them wrong until you feel comfortable to move on. Of course, we mentioned that these flashcards come with images and accompanying audio with each flashcard. This is a great way to use flashcards and what is awesome is that this is absolutely free! All you need to do is sign up at Goldigobi and you can have access to all these flashcards to help you learn Mongolian!

Goldigobi thought that there was a lack of flashcards available that fitted everything that a user may need. There is a downside though as you can’t download these and put them on your fridge or put them on your wall but Goldigobi is working on offering them in a downloadable format.

Why not check out these flashcards for yourself and try using the example below?

And that’s it for Mongolian flashcards. Did we miss anything? Perhaps there is another place you think there are other great places that have Mongolian flashcards that everyone can benefit from using. Let us know in the comments! Otherwise, we hope that you found this useful and that it will help you to learn Mongolian faster while having fun. Why not take the leap and use Mongolian flashcards now? Remember, a Mongolian word a day will help you, love, learn and stay in Mongolia!

Happy learning everyone.


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